Durian and orang hutan

In my 2D animation video, I embarked on a creative endeavor featuring a durian and a character—illustrated using Adobe Illustrator—set within a sprawling forest backdrop. The character, meticulously drawn in Illustrator, seamlessly imported into Adobe After Effects for animation control.

Leveraging the dynamic features of After Effects, I skillfully manipulated the character’s movements, orchestrating precise actions such as jumping, walking, and rolling. Through meticulous control over the character’s motions, I intricately crafted lifelike and seamless movements that interacted seamlessly with the durian fruit.

This project became a testament to the synergy between Illustrator and After Effects, allowing for the creation of a vivid and engaging narrative. The integration of these Adobe tools facilitated the seamless transition from static illustration to dynamic animation, culminating in a visually captivating story set amidst the enchanting backdrop of a forest environment.