Insect Jump Animation

The ‘Insect Jump’ project unfolded as an immersive 3D animation video, meticulously crafted within the realm of Maya. The project commenced with foundational steps, where I strategically utilized Maya’s functionalities to lay the groundwork for the insect’s movements. Beginning with simple controls via the time slider, I orchestrated the initial stages of the insect’s jumping animation along the tabletop.

As the project gained momentum, the focus shifted towards medium steps, demanding a more refined control approach. Leveraging Maya’s intricate tools, I honed my skills to manipulate the insect’s head, eyes, and body dynamics, intricately choreographing its jumps and movements across the tabletop terrain.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in the ‘Insect Jump’ 3D animation video—a testament to the meticulous control and animation skills applied within Maya’s expansive platform. This project showcases the intricate details and fluidity of the insect’s movements, bringing a captivating and lifelike dimension to the tabletop scenario.