Empire Crush (Board Game)

Collaborating with two other group members, I contributed significantly to the creation of ‘Empire Crush,’ a dynamic board game venture. My key involvement centered around the game’s centerpiece – the chest, meticulously designed and rendered using 3D Maya. Leveraging advanced tools, I crafted an intricate and visually compelling chest model, subsequently brought to life through precision 3D printing. Additionally, my creative input extended to various aspects of the game’s development, including designing game rules, crafting game cards, and overseeing the main design elements. ‘Empire Crush’ presents a captivating gameplay reminiscent of classics like Monopoly but with a unique twist, incorporating characters, potions, money, and the pivotal chest as a central character. The character design aspect was achieved through innovative character tool utilization, enhancing the game’s immersive and engaging experience. This collaborative effort resulted in a comprehensive and visually appealing board game that seamlessly merges creativity, strategy, and immersive gameplay.

Rules of Game

Chest create from 3D Maya

Magic Card

Print out production present