The Guardian

Embarking on my artistic endeavor, I began by scouring Google for tiger references, meticulously selecting and printing them. Armed with pencil and paper, I delicately traced the tiger’s outlines, laying the groundwork for what would become a stunning artwork. Layer by layer, I employed watercolors, starting with the backdrop before meticulously painting the tiger. Every stroke was purposeful, aimed at capturing the intricacies of its fur, striving for a lifelike appearance. With finesse and attention to detail, I added the finishing touches, infusing the tiger with an air of magnificence and power. Witnessing my friends’ amazed reactions was incredibly rewarding; my artwork inspired them to delve into their own artistic journeys. The joy and pride I felt upon completing this piece are indescribable, knowing that my creation had ignited a spark of creativity in others.

Material: Water colour
Time duration completed: 2 month
Competition: UOB Painting of the year 2021