Within the canvas, the artwork ‘Unity’ portrays a poignant depiction of four individuals, each missing a vital sensory organ—no eyes, no ears, no mouth, and no nose. However, at the core of the painting, their hearts are intricately tied together, symbolizing unity and collective strength during the pandemic. This representation of sensory deprivation serves as a metaphor for the challenges faced during these unprecedented times, where traditional forms of communication and perception were limited. Despite these apparent limitations, the interconnected hearts signify a newfound reliance on empathy, understanding, and mutual support among individuals. The absence of physical senses underscores the importance of emotional connections and mutual aid, highlighting the resilience and compassion that emerged during the challenging period. ‘Unity’ serves as a testament to the inherent human ability to support one another and find strength in togetherness amidst adversity.

Material: Water colour canvas A3
Time duration completed: 2 week
Competition: UOB Painting of the year 2020